Antennas for Communication on the Move and Communication on the Pause

About KebNi Land Mobile

KebNi Land Mobile develops Communication on the Move and Communication on the Pause products.


Our Communication On The Move (COTM) product portfolio allows for a steady and high speed data connection, while driving or moving over land, is increasing. Busses and trains carrying passengers needs solutions providing excellent internet connection as a service, also when passing through areas with poor terrestrial network coverage. Police and First Responders require reliable data communication in crisis situation, also when the normal means of communication is out function, e.g. due to a power outage. Special purpose autonomous vehicles for commercial and military use will also increase the demand for Communication On The Move for land products in the coming years.

Satmission by KebNi is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile satellite communications systems which is part of our Communication on the Pause (COTP) antenna portfolio.


Satmission’s satellite dishes are designed especially for any customer who needs high data transfer rates for live communication even under the most extreme weather and temperature conditions. The antennas are designed to send content to or from sites where infrastructure is limited.


Communication on the Move

High performance Communication on the Move antenna with a state of the art stabilization.


Satmission by KebNi

Mobile Satellite and IP broadcasting products for Communication on the Pause.

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